Text Messages On My Computer By Saving My Time And Money.

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In this digital era, most of the people work on computers. It is a mere waste of time to get up from our desk just to reply, and it is even important to reply to our fellows. So how can I get my text messages on my computer?

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Text Messages On My Computer By Saving My Time And Money.


For the people who constantly work on a computer and require total concentration, get disturbed when interrupted by phone beeps. They have to leave their work and switch to the phone to reply. It means to type through phone’s mini keypad. In addition, text messaging is expensive as well. So when a message arrives and you have to reply being on your desk, do you need to take out your phone go to messaging app and then type out your words? No! What is the need take it out when you can receive your notifications on the desktop with simple app download. Many apps are present to make your work easier. They are free of cost as well. One I prefer is mighty text.

1) You can send and receive SMS/MMS from you desktop using your Android number.

2) SMS stay sync with your mobile phone’s inbox. 3) You can get notifications on your desktop.

4) You can schedule messages to send them in future.

5) You can know your phone’s battery life.

6) You can send images, maps, files, etc. from your desktop.

7) You can directly SMS from Gmail.

8) You can carry out multiple conversations simultaneously.

9) You can customize it with themes.

10) You can sync messages with your mail. 

11) You can use templates , if you have to send the same message again and again.


Another app isPingerTextfree

Web. Textfree registration is for free and requires an email address. The messages are sent and received instantly. You can add images to it. You can resume as Textfree keeps a log of recent messages.

The only con is that you need to write the number manually, at least for the first time.

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