The technical analysis of Max Payne 3 and Hit Man

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What makes Max Payne 3 game special from Hit Man? Can we focus our attention on these cardinals as our point of referencing? Thus, the story line, features, and characters in the game, its interactive nature, suspensions, user or gamer friendly, the game’s graphical interface, sound quality and the game total concept? Which of the two stands tall? Thank you.

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The technical analysis of Max Payne 3 and Hit Man


Hitman Absolution is a single player game where as Max Payne 3 is multiplayer, if you are looking forward to have multiplayer experience you should go for Max Payne.

Max Payne 3 is great game with lots of action & shooting throughout the game, which will be fun because it’s like a movie. Hitman on the other hand is stealthy, how to solve the riddle type game in which you want to stay out of danger.

Both of them have a good graphics and gameplay as in Max Payne you will play as drunken bodyguard, where as in Hitman as the name specifies. But in the Hitman the cut scenes are not that good compared to their gameplay graphics.

If you are interested in just a lot of shooting rather than sneaking around and looking for clues before killing someone, then Max Payne is your game.

Max Payne scores more because most of the gamers look for a high action packed games rather than sneaking around and silent killing because it takes perfection.

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