System exception. Access Violation occurred at 0x61f21c5

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I have this error every time I want to load a video to fix some parameters. Sometimes the program is working just fine and sometime this error appears. I don’t know how to fix this and that’s way I would like to call an expert from this website to help me. How can I fix this and what is causing this ?

Thank you !

VirtualDub Error

Avisynth read error:

CAVIStreamSynth: System exception – Access Violation at 0x61f21c5, reading from 0x0


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System exception. Access Violation occurred at 0x61f21c5


To troubleshoot this error, do the following:

1. Try loading several videos that you know have worked in the past. Does the error reappear consistently? If it doesn't, move to step 2. If it does, then the problem is the program or your operating system. Try reinstalling Virtual Dub. If that doesn't help, use System Restore.

2. If only that one video gives the error, try loading it several times in a row. Does the error appear every time in the same way? If it does, move to step 3. If it doesn't, then it can be a hardware problem and your hard drive or RAM are failing.

3. Remove all parameters from the video that always fails to load and then try loading it again. Does the error appear? If it doesn't, the cause are your parameters. Try removing parameters one by one until you isolate what is causing the problem. If the error does appear, then it is the flaw with the video file itself.

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