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I am using an iPhone 4 for browsing the web and responding to my emails. I want to know if it’s possible to sync my iPhone to my PC then the webpage that I visited will automatically open in my computer including usernames and passwords? If so, how can I do that? Thanks in advance.

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During configuration, a person needs an iPhone/iPod, a USB for synchronization and a laptop or desktop computer. Ensure that iTunes is already installed.

•If you want to end up being able to do that program equally Windows and mac equipment, you’re going to have to configure 2 independent iTunes libraries: a single from A Macintosh as well as one coming via A Windows xp machine.
•I had been using a great iPhone any time penning this tutorial, and hence the ipod device directions might fluctuate a bit.
•If you are using a good iPhone or iPod touch: Once you synchronize the system, the actual account last employed to access the actual iTunes Shop from your personal laptop or computer system will be adjusted towards the cellular gadget. Thus be sure you sign out of your friend’s iTunes consideration prior to deciding to synchronize the device, or else once you make an effort to obtain the application through app shop on your contact you will be logged in since these people.
•This method does not use DRM’ed music.
•Using this technique will let you plug your own iPhone/iPod into virtually just about almost every personal laptop or computer system and also perceive to the audio direct away from that. Whereas prior to, this was not possible.