Supervision password on BIOS setting forgotten

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Could you please help me how to open my system as I have already forgotten the pre-set BIOS password in my desktop PC.
Thank You.
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Supervision password on BIOS setting forgotten


Hi warda,

Don't worry as you have forgotten you BIOS setting password. Kindly follow the below steps your system will be opened up.
1. Open your CPU and change the jumper settings in reverse manner and now start the system.
2. It will display the error message or you will see blank screen. No worries, shutdown you system after getting the error message.
3. Now reset the jumper settings as it was initially present in the CPU motherboard and restart your system.
Your problem will be solved and you will not ask for password.
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Supervision password on BIOS setting forgotten


Resetting the BIOS password will require technical knowledge as you will be needing to open your CPU case. If you are sure enough that you can do this, continue reading on below:

1. Turn off your computer and unplugged it.

2. Open your CPU case. You need to unscrew it to open the case so that you can go into the motherboard to do this.

3. Search for the CMOS battery. This looks like a circular metallic object placed on your motherboard.

4. Remove the CMOS battery carefully. Do not touch it with your fingers and then leave it for about 120 seconds to flush the CMOS memory including the password and other settings.

5. After that, put the battery back into its place. Close your CPU case again and start your computer.

6. You will be prompted with a warning that the CMOS configuration cannot be found. And your BIOS password is already cleared.

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