Supercomputer to reconsider prospect software

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The supercomputer is going to reconsider future software because a couple of years from now the super computer will be able to do one billion calculations per second and thus such rapidity will need a renovation on how software is written. What is a supercomputer and how is it distinguished from a normal computer?

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Supercomputer to reconsider prospect software


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According to the Expert A Super Computers are high end computer systems, which are custom built with combination of several technologies. Their performance is measured in comparison to several hundred or several thousand usual processing units (Computers). They have features like volatile hard disk drives for extremely fast storage and retrieval of information, huge amounts of cache memories and design architectures which allow the data to be communicated between parts in lightning speeds. Super computers are use in many places. NASA makes use of supercomputers for simulation of space ships, satellites and future air traffic.
It is used in aircraft industry, F22s have a supercomputer in them which is stronger than 4 standard supercomputers.
they are also used in university for solving complex problems. Usually one super computer is installed and the whole university population can make use of it.
Worlds fastest super computer is in Japan, its called Earth Sim or Earth Simulator, it runs a virtual copy of Geographical world, which is maintained in parallel to our earth, it is fed environmental and weather data from all over the world and it tries to predict the future of earth's weather and atmosphere. And a personal computer is one which is used for domestic purposes such as editing documents, watching movies and playing games. In this case, the memory and processing capability may not be impressive, but sufficient for domestic usage. As there is no need for several processors or a large memory or storage, the cost is less.
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