Clicking on hyperlinks does not open a webpage

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Hello! From last two weeks, I have noticed this one thing while using my computer and when I am connected to Internet. When I click on a certain link while using a program or on the Internet, it takes me to the Windows Explorer on PC rather the intended location. Like I was using Optimizer Pro and I clicked on the link ‘Register Now’ it did not take me to a web page but it took me to the file folder where the Optimizer Pro is. I am windows 7 user, can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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Clicking on hyperlinks does not open a webpage


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One reason that causes hyperlinks not respond is the when the web browser you want to use is corrupted. This is mainly cause by new installed software or hardware in your computer.

In doing this off course certain settings of your computer will be changed and will be updated that will cause your browser to work improperly. Also a conflicting browser will give also factor in having this problem. It is possible also for an “add-ons” to damage or conflict your browser. Last the biggest factor is virus.

In order to resolve this uninstall the browser and install a fresh one. After installing this update the browser regularly to avoid this problem again. Always reset the settings of your browser. Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, you need to always refresh the settings or remove cookies. Last install a dependable antivirus that will help you protect not just your browser but also your computer.

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