Sudden disconnection of old internet connection

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I was online and suddenly my internet disconnected. When I tried to reconnect it could not go through, it indicated that the settings on my computer do not meet the necessary requirement. There was another internet connection pop up menu and I tried to connect and it indicated that the connection was taking longer than usual then it finally indicated that it was unable to connect. What could be the problem with my computer? I am using the same connection as before and now it can’t connect anymore, although I am sharing the internet with other people in my household. 

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Sudden disconnection of old internet connection


If the connection on other computer is still working, then it is a virus problem on your system. I experienced this problem many times on my computer and a simple system repair won't do any good. So what I did is reformat my computer so that I know that I am virus free. I install the necessary driver for my network and then it is running smoothly again. I backed up all of my important files first before doing this so you should do the same as well. Try this solution my friend, it won't fail you, I assure you this.


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Sudden disconnection of old internet connection


A sudden change of the settings of the assigned Wireless Network is the main cause why this error messages is popping up.

You can create a wireless connection on your computer to let you access to the Internet whenever it detects the network name automatically.

To create a wireless connection, do the following steps;

Go to Start, Control Panel
Click Network and Internet
Select Network and Sharing Center
Manage Wireless connections
Type your network name or SSID, enter the encryption code or WEP key
Then click on finish

Now, whenever your laptop computer detects your wireless network, it'll automatically connect to wireless network name however it remembered an incorrect encryption code or WEP key. This wep key needs to be updated and you have to type the correct WEP key.

Once WEP key is entered correctly, you should be able to connect to the Wireless Network with out any problem. If not, you need to re-create the wireless network and enter the correct information. Do the steps below to recreate the network.

To manually re-type the network encryption code, do the following steps if you are using windows Vista and 7.

Go to Start, Control Panel
Network and Internet
Network and Sharing Center
Change Adapter Settings
Right click on Wireless network connection
Go to Status, disconnect and re-connect to the network
It will ask for network key, type the correct encryption code
Then click on connect button

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Sudden disconnection of old internet connection




It is quite likely that the settings on your network or the profile on your computer has been changed. Your computer saved a profile of the network settings and when it was working, what you have in your computer matched what was on the network. If the computer tells you that it did not meet the network requirements, that usually means the security settings saved on your network profile on the computer is not the same as the security set on the network. Verify the network settings and make sure your computer's network profile for your network matches the settings.


Thank you. Hope it helps.


Clair june

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Sudden disconnection of old internet connection


Hallo Nancy,

I think the problem here should have been caused by you trying to connect to another network. Your old network may have lost its settings in the process and may be the computer is trying to run on the settings of the other network which is unrecognized hence causing the problem.

You need to go back to the network connection properties and reconfigure the settings. To access it, use the following procedure:

  • Click on the network identity icon in the task bar.
  • Click open network and sharing center
  • Click change adapter settings.
  • Right click on local area network and then properties.
  • Choose on either IPv4 or IPv6 depending on whichever you are using and change the settings.


Lee Hung

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