Can a DHCP Server be used as a backup for DHCP Server?

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I would like to know if a DHCP server can be used as a backup for another DHCP server. Also, I would like to know if it is possible for a DHCP server to update the DNS server of the client. The DNS entry should be similar with the dynamic assigned address of the client. Please help.

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Can a DHCP Server be used as a backup for DHCP Server?



Hello Jho ,

I will answer first to the second part of your question. DHCP server is responsible for offering IP configuration to the clients and after accepting them that process ends  for the DHCP server until the client request new information. It means that process of renewing the DNS servers must invoke the client itself.

About back up DHCP server you haven’t told us are they on the same network and subnet or divided with router .
Anyway if they are on the same network you should set them with same scope of addresses and it will work on the principle of “first come first serve” .
And if they are on different subnets than one of the border routers must be set as DHCP relay agent and forward the DHCP requests. It is done because DHCP is broadcast traffic and isn’t forwarded by default on the router.

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