Successful execution of two queries, one after the other

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I need to execute two queries, one after the other. If, almost all results of both the queries overlap and if the result of first query is stored in the memory, will it reduce the execution time of the second query?

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Successful execution of two queries, one after the other


Hello Sarahjeanne,

It would have been easier if you could have stated the application you are using for programming so as we can figure out how to about the way you will execute the queries easily. For instance are you using java, visual basic, oracle and so forth?

But in case you are using visual basic or sql, then you will have to create a procedure that will allow the second query to be executed immediately the first one finishes and then embed it in the code. You will have to use the IMMEDIATE command in that one. You can also separate the queries with commas and see if they can work that way.


Mahesh Babu

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