Stop or Customize bar.wav / Windows XP Pop-up Blocked.wav.

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I want to experiment something with my Windows XP. Everybody should notice this that in Internet Explorer when a pop-up is blocked or the Information bar is displayed for any reason Internet Explorer play the WAV file Windows XP Information Bar.wav/ Windows XP Pop-up Blocked.wav.

 I wish to turn off the sound or maybe modify or change the sound into a different tone but with them same audio file extension (.wav). I just want to make fun with my Internet Explore.

Can this be done without going to the registry Editor?

What I mean is can I just go to the folder where the audio file was save, delete the file and then replace it with my preferred audio files though  I will change the audio file name similar to the original one. I don’t have a clue for this and I won’t touch anything yet unless I get some answer. 

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Stop or Customize bar.wav / Windows XP Pop-up Blocked.wav.


Yes you can,

My dear please follow these steps to turn off or to choose the sound you like to play on windows.

Go to your "Control Panel"

Select "sound and audio devices" under this select "sounds" tab.

Now here you can see that all types of sounds are given so you can change one of your choices.


You can make your on scheme as well. Or can select a file to be played at pop-up of window.

Choose browse and select file you want to choose.

Next time when you do that operation you will hear the same sound you apply.

I hope it will help you a lot.

James caan.

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