Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook

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Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook

What can we do to be safe on FB

I will need all ways you can think of to keep myself secure and my kids

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Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook


Facebook is encouraging those users with very low security settings to upgrade their account to be more secure. The protection is meant to secure their account and personal information from spammers, malicious people and those with criminal intent. Ability to log out remotely, notification when a new device is used to log in, and prevention from friends who spam.

Some other means you can do to protect yourself and your family are as follows:

1. Accept friends whom you only really know

2. Review friends list periodically

3. Pay attention to Facebook's security notification

4. Avoid giving personal information out in Facebook conversations when other people you don't know comment and are involved. 


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Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook


Critical steps to protect yourself on facebook

Step;1 less sharing social media roundup after changing the basic sharing setting,

Step;2 personal protecting social media roundup once you change your sharing

Setting, take a look at the other setting option click on view setting at the top, this takes

You to a page where you can control your privacy setting even further, once you click through,

You will be able to adjust how you can be searched and who can view basic information,

Step;3 app remover social media roundup next, go back to your setting page and click on the

App websites, link at the bottom of the page, by default app have access to your friends list

And any other information you choose to share with everyone,

Step;4 limited acces social media roundup then unselect everything and save your changes,

This is information applications access through your friends, so be carefull what you leave checked.

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Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook



Facebook is now the biggest social media network. It is a rare thing that you ask someone and he/she doesn't have a Facebook account. Facebook is like your own neighbourhood. You have friends, co-workers, teachers, students in your list and its like another life. Now recently hacking became a serious threat to Facebook. Hackers are trying to steal many important information about them from their profile. That is why you need to have a strong security system for your account. To make your account secure –

  • Verify email ID and then with a cell phone.
  • Use a strong password with mixture of upper case letters and numeric.
  • Give security questions and not down the answers.
  • Never give your password to anyone.
  • Set a login approval notification and enter approval of code from mobile.
  • Don't accept friend requests of unknown people and stay away from sending to them.

I hope in this way you can have a better security of Facebook for you and your kids.

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Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook


First of all login to your account and then, just go to the privacy settings as shown in the image and adjust it to what you want to share with others and what you want to show you only none other than you. Just choose your privacy settings, (only me) option this will protect you and your kids.

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