Which version is better? Firefox 3 or Firefox 4?

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May I know what is the best Firefox version for me to use?
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Which version is better? Firefox 3 or Firefox 4?

Hi janice!
Let me help you for that!
I been using Firefox since the very beginning. As of now, I am using Firefox 4 as my default browser. I love to watch videos on Youtube, opening 5 tabs at the same time loading up different videos. Browsing the Web feels faster on Firefox 4 than on other browsers. I've used recently (Firefox 3). Here are the list of advantages using Firefox 4.
1. It makes the Web faster – faster surfing speed, quick switching of tabs and good manuever
2. More and more available extensions to use – access different tweaks for Firefox and download extensions for Firefox , very helpful for your job if you are dealing with web-based research
3. Best-in-Class User Interface – the way Firefox 4 resizes webpages is how all future browsers will do it. Images are now resized as well, so that the entire webpage scales up or down proportionally.
4. Improved Phishing (Identity Theft) Protection – more secured and safer browsing
5. No Longer a Memory Hog – unlike in our old version Firefox 3 still had problems regards in opening tabs at the same time always pauses. In firefox 4 tabs manuevering tabs are so smooth and much faster.
6. MULTIFOX BETA 2.0 — the best extension exclusively for Firefox 4! You will no longer open up 5 ,6,7, or 10 windows when using multifox. Multifox 2.0. Firefox 4 can open up different identity thru tabs only. Less effort and faster surfing.
LOL. I am hoping that you will use Firefox 4 from now on
Thank me later, janice.
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Which version is better? Firefox 3 or Firefox 4?

See my attachment or just visit the site. 
You can always try to evaluate by installing first Firefox 3. Then try it at least 2 hours. Then after that, uninstall it.
install Firefox 4. Use the same links and sites as usual. Try to compare.
1. Which is faster?
2. How about the appearance?
3. Which is more userfriendly?
* Firefox 3 is good for opening 15 accounts with different log-ins, good for using Yahoo, Hotmail, and email marketing.
* Firefox 4 includes theme packs, good for computer geeks and desktop lovers
* both versions have their own extensions and add-ons
Some sites won't allow Firefox 4 as your browser because this is a new version.
I hope this will help you out. 

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