Steam won’t open on Mac

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Hello friends

I have been using steam on my system before and I have installed it many times previously. Recently I have started using Mac OS and when I tried to install steam in an account on Mac. Everytime I click to open steam, I get an error. The screenshot of the error is attached below:


I then entered the details steam required on the above screen followed by another error. The screenshot is as follows:


Steam cant write to Its install dir. Make sure yours not trying to run from the disk image.


Has anyone else experienced such a problem and successfully fixed it up? If yes please let me know. I'll be really obliged.

Thanking you loads

Kindest regards

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Steam won’t open on Mac


Hello Jesus

In order to install steam, your must make sure you have done the following:

1. Login as an administrator. Your account may not have full privileges, meaning that you are not allowed to install applications on the computer.

2. If you are not administrator on your account, just log in with administrator, and make your account administrator as well. Otherwise, you will install Steam from another account but it won't work on yours because of the privileges.

In order to grant a user with administrator privileges, you just have to unlock the padlock under accounts, click on the account you want and then you must click on the box to allow that user to administer Mac. Restart and then login with the account you just edited.

Also, don't run Steam from the disk image you downloaded. Just drag it into the Applications folder and run it from there.

I hope this will solve your problem


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