Insufficient disk space! Error Appear

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I am using Linux Operating system. I have almost 25 GB free space in C drive but I am receiving an error of low disk space, when I try to install BEA in my system. Then I chance directory or path but same error appears again. Please any one tell me its solution how can I remove this error.


Insufficient disk space! The installer requires: 5MB for the BEA Home at /User/Klby/bea and 492MB temporary work space at /Users/kelby/Desktop/server900_linux32.bin Folder.

This is only 492MB available at /.

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Insufficient disk space! Error Appear


Yes this is an error that we see much at the time of computing and we are very familiar with it. All kinds of operating system windows, Linux, apple whatever it is, this error is common for all of them. Especially we see this error most of the time of copy/past content.

This is not a software problem or not a hardware problem. Even it is not an error at all. It is a warning message. It gives you a message that says you have low disk space in some specific drive. When a drive capacity is full of data or nearly full, this message appears.

In order to solve this just free some space.

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