SQL Arithmetic Exception – Error Code 802

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I'm using TC (portable ver) on Windows. Most everything is going well, omit for this one job so far. I've made one entry couturier 95,000,000 as deal capital. The syllabus handles this without problems at the dimension of accounting and in all reports object for Reports: Batch type.

Here, when I try to do, the collection identify, I get this: SQL error: arithmetic Exception, numeric overflow or string truncation. Error code -802. Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occurred. If I undo the collection for this substance, and reenter as a small product, say 9,500,000, the assemblage type estimation entirety satisfactory. Hope you can fix this job.

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SQL Arithmetic Exception – Error Code 802


Hello Joey,

What seems to be the issue in your case is that you are possibly confronted with the following bug: http://tracker.firebirdsql.org/browse/CORE-3353.

Note that the bug stated above has been resolved in Firebird 2.5.1. What usually is the issue with the bug is that BLOB parameters in a LIKE-condition are described as a VARCHAR(30) parameter. In a case of UTF8 connection, usually the characterset is treated as VARCHAR(5) by Jaybird and because of the specific behavior of Jaybird only up to 6 characters will be allowed if it is a like pattern which ends in %. So you will just need perform an upgrade.





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