Alter Script Feature of Toad Data Modeler version 4.1

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Has anyone here encountered Toad Data Modeler? I wanted to know first-hand experience on how effective their Alter Script Feature in resolving issues related to a series of errors after Alter Script generations. Are there other similar database reporting tools available in the market that has the same feature that you can highly recommend?

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Alter Script Feature of Toad Data Modeler version 4.1



I never used it directly for my own purpose, but a friend of mine did use it for data mining projects. Since I mostly visit and see his projects so I try to sum it up for you.

  1. The software is good, especially if you have simple and easy scripts that need to be fixed. There are no time issues that how much it will take to resolve the issue, the amount of time it uses is very reasonable.
  2. The other feature is that it can easily connect to internet to verify any ambiguous script that is given to it in order to remove any doubts in the final result. 
  3. I don't know about any other tools but you can use it if you want a better work experience by doing just little work.



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