Stop the program that asking to permit to send the email

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I currently have to send an email to around 500 clients using Outlook 2002 which is the company’s default emailing program. However, I have a problem that persists during sending of the messages. The database program we are using keeps asking me whether I would like to permit it to send the email. Can you imagine having to do this for each and every email? That is around 500 times which is very annoying not to mention the amount of time spent doing it. Does anyone have an idea how to stop this madness?

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Stop the program that asking to permit to send the email


Hello Riley,

That is indeed annoying and it will slow you down in this case that you have many emails to send. I will suggest that you do the following and see if it may help.

When the window that asks you if you like to permit to send the email pops up, just check if it has a checkbox that allows stopping outlook from asking you each time you want to send an email for permission. The message should read something like "Do not ask me this again". If that check box is there check it, and from that point onward you will not receive any more prompts to send an email.


Lee Hung

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