Speech Exec 4.X CLR Error 80004005

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A fatal error appeared on my screen when. This error is related to launching of Speech Exec 4.X. It stated on the screen the error code.

What would be the problem with this application? Is this a known issue? How can I avoid getting this kind of error message?

PSP Speech Exec ProTranscribe exe  Fatal error

PSP.Speech.Exec.ProTranscribe.exe – Fatal error

CLR error: 80004005

The Program will now terminate.

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Speech Exec 4.X CLR Error 80004005


Good day Nicko,

With SpeechExec Version 5.X, there are no error messages are generated, this application simply will not launch when you run it. With SpeechExec version 5.X the executable file names were modified and will be more over SEPTrans or SEPDict. Follow same solution as 4.X.

We have determined that the executable file programs was being changed to compatibility mode. The only thing you will do is to deselect this to resolve the issue.

Browse to the installation folder

i.e. C:Program FilesPhilips SpeechSpeechExec Pro Transcribe. Place the applications’ executable file. (PSP.SpeechExec.ProTranscribe or PSP.SpeechExec.Transcribe or PSP.SpeechExec.ProDictate or PSP>SpeechExec.Dictate)

Right click and select Compatibility tab. Configure the settings that had been seen in this picture.

Configure the settings

I hope this information helps,

Mark Amna

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