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Hello friends,

SBS 2k8 PRO x64 SP2 16GB RAM DELL PE T310 server.

Forfront for Exchange Server, Version: 10.2.0956.0, Service Pack: 2 Microsoft ForefrontHot fixes Installed: KB2420644 KB2508148 KB978297

I've already installed the hot fix (see KB2508148 above) a long time ago.

So this thread does not apply

Can anybody advise me?

Thanks a lot.

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It is a Windows Update issue, a failed and error update of program software. Go to Control Panel, under System and Security, choose Find and fix problems. Troubleshoot computer problems will appear, under System and Security click Fix problems with Windows Update. Windows Update window will appear, click Next and wait for Troubleshooting be completed and Problems found be fixed.

Best regards,

Heather marie