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Author: Arcy Robins
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I was extracting Sony Notebook Utilities for MS Windows. I will be running this on my Windows 7 PC. I am using Universal Extractor Version 1.6 for extracting, but I keep receiving the same error on the attached image.

The extraction failed, and I could not make it work. Kindly please help me. Thank you.

Universal Extracto v1.6

Universal Extractor v1.6

H:\Notebook Utilities\Sony Notebook Utilities.EXE could not be extracted.

It appears to be a(n) Wise Installer package, which is supported, but extraction failed.

Please see the log file,

C:\Users\Tommy\AppData\Local\Temp\uniextract.txt, for more information.

Click OK to view the log file now, or Cancel to exit.

OK Cancel

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What you will need to do is click to view the log file and see what it has. It may contain important information that will help you in troubleshooting the problem that you are currently experiencing.

Another thing that you will need to try doing is change the location to where you are saving the files that have been extracted, because you may be saving it to a folder that is archived and thus the reason to the problem that you are receiving.

In the case that the error persists, you might want to try other application for extracting the files, and I will recommend WinRAR for you. You can download it for free online and install it and then use it for extracting the files.

Thompson Locker

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1. This error message shows when the drive (where you going to install the program) is full.

2. Permission to create subfolder in your desire director.

So make sure >>That your installation directory has sufficient storage space

1. Right click on installer file

2. Click run as administrator

Hope it will Work.