How to convert from RAW to NTFS ?

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How to convert from RAW to NTFS ?

Means Howdo I convert a FAT32 formatted drive which the system says is a RAW drive into NTFS without losing all my data on there?

I would hate to have to install all my programs.

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How to convert from RAW to NTFS ?


Hi Frank Rivera,

Thanks for asking the problem which over the year faced by many. Microsoft recommends using NTFS file system rather than old FAT32. They were also acknowledged the problem & give a simple solution to solve it through windows command prompt.

They have added a command name convert to make the transformation easier for the user. Just go to windows & in the open space of search option type cmd. Then do the following step by step procedure to complete it.

  1. First decide which drive you want to transform & take a backup so that you have security for data in case of data loss which is unlikely.

 2. Say you want to transform drive D, then you need to execute following command on the command prompt to fix errors if any.

  chkdsk d: /f

3. Then need to execute the command Convert D: /FS:NTFS which will start the conversion from FAT32 to NTFS. A prompt will ask for confirmation (Y/N). You need to put Y and give a drive letter name of your choice.

After completion it will show conversion was successful.

Please note if you want to convert the drive which has the operating system you will be prompted for scheduling the task during the restart process as the conversion cannot take place during the of running OS.

Best of luck with the conversion.

Best Regards,


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How to convert from RAW to NTFS ?


If you want to convert the RAW drive to NTFS, just simply click on the Start menu and then type CMD and press enter to launch the Command Prompt.

And then type the following command and press Enter:

F:> CONVERT F: /fs:ntfs

F: is the drive that you wish to convert. Just change it if you wish to convert other drive. The number of space is required so all you need to do is just copy and paste it on the command prompt. Reboot your computer and the conversion will start.

For more information, go to the link:


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