Something unexpected happened error message on Windows

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I was trying to play a game on my Vista Ultimate machine. I have not had these error messages usually.  But yesterday, when I was trying to play an online game I got a strange error message.



SO sorry that something went wrong. The error was: [Something unexpected happened]

The error does not seem to indicate anything useful. When I click on Ok, the web browser crashes on me.  I thought it could be some traffic problem, but later I realized that I got that error message a few more times.

I tried rebooting the machine, just to make sure nothing from my OS is disturbing the games activity but it didn't seem to change anything.

Anyone aware of this error message?

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Something unexpected happened error message on Windows


Ohh bad message.  Only bad because it means that a variety of different variables could have caused your program to see something invalid.  Special characters or URL addresses can cause that malfunction and then that program sees those as invalid and gives that error message. 

Since you rebooted your computer and you saw nothing wrong, run your ccleaner ( and make sure there are no viruses, spamware, spyware, Malware, registry errors – This gets rid and fixes everything, and then try again.  Depending on what you were doing at the time, the computer saw something as invalid and this should clean it up. 

If it happens again, you might want to uninstall the program and reinstall some programs that come with a fixed program command on the install disc.  Happy gaming.

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