Looking for reviews on Windows Vista

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I would like to ask anyone out there who is using Windows Vista. Well, what could you tell about the program?

I purchased a new laptop a few months ago.

The package comes with a Certificate of FREE to Upgrade Windows Vista and I received an email from them.

But I’m quite afraid to change my program and I’m not sure if it’s really safe to upgrade.  

Your advice or recommendations will really be a great help.  

Thank you.

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Looking for reviews on Windows Vista


Windows Vista is Microsoft's major release on 2007, it is intended to replace all XP operating systems. It is designed to do everything and includes complex, dynamic visuals. Therefore, it requires a lot of RAM to run to its fullest ability. Many laptops and computers today are sold with free Vista OS even with the birth of Windows 7. 

This OS offers more security options than any other preceding release, includes the entire Media Center OS, is ready for flash drives, has parental controls, supports tablet PC functions and has many new features never available before. It has been circulating around in its beta version for some time, but now is available in new computers or as an upgrade for computers purchased after October 2007 and before March 2007.

The biggest difference you will notice with Vista is how it looks. It incorporates high–end visuals, which makes it easy to find files, video, images or specific help topics. The visuals also support those who want to run multiple applications at once or open numerous webpages.

For example, if you have several webpages open you can simply mouse over the tabs and a mini image of that page will pop up or you can alt – tab through 3D mini images of the open pages to find the one you are looking for. It also supports inexperienced users with wizards, a backup and restore center, as well as Security Control Guidance. In addition, it has a super powerful search that can help people find folders or files, even if they don’t know where or by what name they originally stored them. You can also search for help topics from the same search bar.

Vista is the first operating system that can evaluate the hardware components of a computer and run according to its ability. For example, if the computer only has 512KB of RAM accessible it will run in its basic mode but if a GB or more is available it can run it its Aero mode. In addition to home use versions, there are Business, Enterprise and Ultimate versions available.

The Home Basic version is designed for basic computing, such as accessing online content, checking email and running popular applications. This is a good version for basic home use but the Vista Home Premium version has the new elegant looking Windows Aero user interface and the Media Center. Windows Aero has three dimensional tool bars and buttons but requires a nice system to run, I would recommend more than a GB of RAM, but since the running demands of applications are growing quickly, you may want to boost your next system up to 2GB of RAM or more. It may seem excessive, but in the near future home computers may need dual processors, 2–4GB of RAM and 250GB or more of hard drive space to satisfy home computing and entertainment needs.

Microsoft includes extensive security devices in all Vista versions. This includes frequent updates and protection during wireless or even cell phone to computer connections. It also has all of the basics such as the ability to block scripts, pop–ups and questionable downloads. For added security, it can encrypt folders and files and limit device installation. For inexperienced users, Vista has Security Control Guidance to help you decide what kind of security settings you want. There is also a Malicious Software Removal Tool to quickly get rid of malware. It also has user level controls and parental controls so each user can have their own unique profile.


Vista is designed to be as easy to use as possible. It can even help you find a file, when you do not know who authored it, what it’s’ named is or where it was originally stored. Through Instant Search you can also search for help topics. For example, you could type in “how do I find a file I accidentally deleted?” and Vista will take you right to the help page that can help you with that problem. This OS is extremely visual, all files can be displayed with images on the folder and you can quickly look through all of your open pages by skipping through mini images of the open pages.

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