Solve Error message in Canon printer IP2770

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How can I solve the error problem in Canon Printer IP2770, which displayed error message 5200 when it began to print?

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Solve Error message in Canon printer IP2770



Here is a solution and try it if it works.

1. Turn the printer on, let it a moment until stop moving
2. Open the printer cover and let the cartridge move to center
3. In this position turn off the printer by unplugging the power cable without pressing power button
4. Unplug both of cartridge and let cover of cartridge opened
5. Plug power cable and press power button, It will move and hit to the left and right but just ignore it until stop at the middle.
6. Plug both of the cartridge and close the printer cover properly
7. The printer will be normal and able to work again.
I hope it works on your printer.
Teodora Skil
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Solve Error message in Canon printer IP2770


Hi Erni Fitri,

  This problem or this error message 5200 is very common among Canon Printers. There are a lot of reasons why your printer caught this error while using it.

It may be caused by too much heat on your cartridge, or the other way around; your cartridges maybe too cold because of being so much unused.

Or worse, there might be damage in your print head or logic board because of overheating. Regardless of the cause, there will always be a cure in response to this problem. Here is a number of solutions:

Solution 1

Replace and Refill

From what the phrase suggests, you have to refill your cartridges, or replace your cartridges. Once finished, try to operate your printer once again.

Solution 2

When the error pops, disconnect the plug, and reconnect it again. Print again once you turned it on.

Solution 3

1.       While the printer is on, turn it off through removing the cord.

2.       Open the top cover

3.       Move the cartridge holder to the middle

4.       Raise the gray bar

5.       Remove the print head assembly while the cartridges are in it

6.       Lower the gray bar while the print head is out

7.       Close the top cover

8.       Reconnect the printer to the power

9.       If it tells you to place the cartridges, then restore the print head

Resume to your printing once you are finished.

Solution 4

Refer to your manual for further troubleshooting.

Solution 5

Bring it to the nearest “Canon Service Center”.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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