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Hi experts! I have no idea why the following error message is showing up: "The software license check out failed; error 20" (see attached image).

I have tried several solutions, but none of them seems to work.

I have removed Autodesk and FLEXnet files, reinstalled the program five times, but the error is not resolved.

Please give me suggestions on how to resolve this error because it keeps on popping up.

Thank you so much.

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To come out from "The software license check out failed; error 20" please enter into task manager and start the FLEXnet Licensing Service (64 in case you have 3ds max x64).

Then check again if it work.Otherwise you can follow the steps: Go to run and type services.msc > Click on the standard tab located on bottom>Find out FLEXnet licensing service>To get properties right click on it>Click on properties>Select start-up type Automatic>Finally under “service Status”, click start.I hope It will work for you.Have a good luck,man.

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Hi Camwynn

Before we begin make sure that you already tried to reinstall your autodesk, If not try to reinstall it and check if you get the same error. Other people recommended, to just reinstall it and they claim that it worked for them.

But according IT professionals of Autodesk if reinstalling didn’t work check the file named Cascadeinfo.CAS you can access this file by going to AllUSERS/ Application data / Autodesk/ ADLM/. You just need to rename it and Autodesk will make another one by itself. Another way is renaming a different file. You just need to rename this file “” and all problems are solved.

Thank you and if you have any other question just contact me

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Hi experts,

I reinstalled my autodesk and after the reinstallation. It seems to be working well right now.

Thank you so much for the help.