Slow download internet connection on my PC

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I always use internet time to time from morning to midnight. Basically I was fun on the online games that's the reason why I download games every time. I have a 1mb connection, I have a problem with my download, especially in small file like 300mb it takes time for me to download this small file size, I don't know what's happening. I'm just new at this.

Hope you can give me solution.


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Slow download internet connection on my PC


Hi Kevin,

Theres a lot of issue on how to make your internet faster. Basically, if you download it with the website with slow server by that you can expect a slow download results, it really takes time if you download this file from the site that has slow server even if you have the fastest connection on the planet for as long as your server is slow then the result is slow.

You can also check your OS if there is a CAP program installed, This program allows your OS to limit it's Bandwidth, just like in the call center all there bandwidth are CAP, For example if your computer is ideal only for Calls (INBOUND AND OUTBOUND), The System Administrator of the company normally adjust the bandwidth to 64kbps because that PC is only ideal for calls this is there way to maximize there bandwidth. You can check it on you Add and Remove programs.

Normally they used bandwidth limiter for this in order to maximize the bandwidth per computer this is freeware. If did not install the OS your computer you better check it, or if you just bought it 2nd hand. You can also check your ISP speed by going to this site Speedtest. net just to make it sure you get 1mb connection, try also check how much is your download speed and upload.



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Slow download internet connection on my PC


How long does it take exactly?

For a 1Mb per second internet connection, you will get roughly a download speed of about 100KB per second. Downloading a 300MB file would take about an hour to finish. Is this the length of time that it took to download the file? If it is, then that is expected from your internet speed. If it takes longer than that, then most likely other people are using your connection.

You entire internet bandwidth would be divided to all the devices that connect to your network. The more devices use the internet connection, the less each device will be able to use. Also if one device is using a bandwidth hungry application, then the other devices will have less and less bandwidth to use.

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Slow download internet connection on my PC


Hello Kevin,

1 mbps internet connection is not as fast as you know. Try to use a speed internet meter to show you if exactly 1 mb internet is working in your computer you can test the speed in this site In other case having a many browser cookie is one main reason why your computer and downloading speed become slower.

You can use CCleaner to remove all non necessary files that were stored in your computer this caused by surfing and downloading small files in the internet you can download CCleaner in here

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