Set up with ISA proxy server and CISCO

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The web that we are using is set up with ISA proxy server which is used to check or identify our employees. We are in great need of knowing the web filtering market so that we can know what is competitive and what the prices are. Our interest is in Cisco Iron ports solution. I guess the Cisco is more cheaply compared to the web sense without their gateway and we will have to get it. The Cisco Iron ports seem to have one disadvantage of that you can’t get the information in the internet. Is there anyone with experience of work with Cisco iron port solution if yes how does it work and are there any pros and cons of using it?

One more thing most of our employees use thin clients to connect to the server now how will it recognize the users and may be allow or block the sites that are being accessed? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Set up with ISA proxy server and CISCO


You will need to use the Domain Name System to be able to setup the ISA proxy with Cisco, and where the DNS will be handy is when you have to use on the Internet for translating names of network nodes into addresses.

First you will start up with the Cisco SIP proxy server, and then you will be required to up your DNS services with the naming options:- Here you could use things like the authority pointer record (NAPTR) records and also the server (SRV) records based on RFC 3263 may be useful. When you do that, then you will be sure that there will be high scalability, availability, security, and interoperability of your service deployments.

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