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Author: Kalpitbansal
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Whenever I open my internet browser, "The server's security certificate is not yet valid!" appears. The error actually grows as I click proceed button. I cannot find any error in my settings. Please let me know as early as possible.

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Hello Kalpitbansan!

Does the error only say "the server's security certificate is not valid!"? Or is there another written error? Did you recently hang/ install/delete something? 

Did this problem manifest when the computer date was changed and did not match with the registered certification dates? This may happen when your clock in the computer does not reflect real time. So, try updating the time and date and see if it works. It works most of the time. If there were still more errors, please check the date of the certifications. You can also update your browser to its latest version, just to be safe.

Hope this helps.

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The solution is very simple. First, check the setting of your date and time on your clock in the lower right. You may encounter this error when you try to open Gmail or Hotmail. The certificate of your browser should be the same as that of the website address that you need to open. So, if it is not the same, you will receive this message error. The only solution to this problem is to check your date settings in your clock system. Ok?

Hope this solution helps you.

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"The server's security certificate is not yet valid!"

Here is the remedy to fix this problem:

* Your Clock is wrong and you need to correct the time and date.
* Security Certificate is expired. Install and download the software here:
* Website itself is questionable and it's not trusted.

A common issue is incorrect time and date on the clock in the system tray. A simple adjustment will correct this matter. Download the latest software of certificate to prevent this from happening. Never type your confidential information such as username, password, and credit card numbers if you encounter this error and Security Certificate error comes up.


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First of all you have to correct your clock and time zone on the computer. Now Refresh your page, it will be corrected automatically. Also pay a visit this Techyv link to get more idea to fix this issue.

The server's security certificate is not yet valid on Gmail