Security Settings Without Changing Permissions

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I’m new at work and I just can’t help but notice the laxity of the security settings of the files in my new work. I have resolved most of the issues except this one. I’m thinking that maybe some folks out there can be of help. In my new work, any user can access any files on the file share servers.

Even a newbie in the company can access information by opening the personal drive of the CEO, which contains personal and top secret files. I was successful in locking down his folder, but I have hit a stumbling block with the other 422 folders which needs to be secured also.

It has an “Everyone” as the built-in user group and that has to be removed but I don’t know how to do that without changing the permissions for each individual folder. Do you have any ideas that can help me?

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Security Settings Without Changing Permissions



According to what I researched if you’re using Windows XP it’s quite easy, you can view a detailed process here: But somehow in Vista and Windows 7 the functionality was removed (which is very weird considering admins use this feature a lot).

A lot of IT personnel have been complaining against such a backwards move and I would have to agree with them, why you would remove such a used feature. The only thing I was able to find though was creating a batch file that could help you do this. Though this is not a fix, rather a workaround, it is much better than manually doing it one by one.

You can read up on it here. If you scroll down a little ways you can see the post with the links to download the files that can help you change permissions for multiple folders.

Hope this helps,

Howard Taft.

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