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I am asking this kind of question cause I encountered it once, why do Facebook account if it is open on the other sites like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome even if i log-in the same accounts why it will open? Does Facebook has no limits on opening on the other sites?

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I don't think it will be a security problem as first of all, you will be the only one using the computer. So it means that no one else can open your account from Mozilla or Chrome except you for the duration that you are using it. To prevent someone from accessing your account if you both opened it in Mozilla and Chrome or any other browsers for that matter, make sure that you had both logged out your account. Facebook has security feature only to protect you from the inevitable infiltration such as using another computer to log in to your account. Once you signed in to their security feature, a notification sent to your phone and email will notify you that your account is opened by an unrecognized IP address. You have the option to recognize or not recognize the device. If you did not recognize the IP then it will be reported to facebook subjected to blocking. But Facebook does not give a security feature for illegal infiltration that is negligence in the part of the user.

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