Google Music Manager Error on Accounts

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Hi there,

I'm having issues with my Google Music Manager Application. When I try to install it, I end up with an error which says that only two accounts can be used per computer, and that I have already used two accounts previously to sign in to Music Manager. Here is the actual error text:

Only two accounts can be used per computer.

Two accounts were previously used to sign in to the Music Manager on this computer. Only two Google accounts can be used per computer with Music Manager.
I am quite confident that this the first time that I tried to sign in to the Google Music Manager. 

Can you please help me fix this?

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Google Music Manager Error on Accounts



There are couple of ways to go about this problem. I have three propositions for you, so please check all of them:
1. You need to check the log file, cause it saves all your previous logs. Please visit next directory: C:Documents and Settings<account name>Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleMusicManagerMusicManager.log.
2. Deactivate all network interfaces, including Bluetooth, vpn and vmware
3. Another possibility is that your Ethernet network interface controller card (NIC card) doesn't have a unique MAC address, which authenticates your computer with Google Music Manager. All you have to do is to change your MAC address, and if you use 12 as the first two digits of the new MAC address it will solve the problem for Windows 7. Have in mind that you need to coordinate the first three sets of your MAC address with your IP address.
Tip: You can find your IP address in Command prompt by typing: ipconfig and pressing Enter.


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Google Music Manager Error on Accounts


That is possibly an occurrence of a temporary error that will eventually go away after some time. I will therefore recommend that you do the following:

  • Restart the Google music manager application. You can close all its processes running in the task manager so as to refresh the settings.
  • Once you have closed it, you will need to restart the computer.
  • Trying carrying out the setup process again and see how it goes.

If that does not work just yet, then I will suggest that you try uninstalling anything that is VMware or Citrix related on your computer and then try the installation again and see how it works.

-Mathew Stone


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Google Music Manager Error on Accounts


Thank you Miche Janet. Your solution have been very helpful. I checked the addresses and also the log folder of Music Manager. The error is now gone. Thanks again. Thnak you TechyV.

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