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I used to have Internet Explorer as my main browsing tool. Fast at first but slows down a little in time, freezes, until it no longer responds. Then I changed to Mozilla Firefox which seems better than the latter in terms of speed, security, and support, but this time instead of browser freezes, it gets a bit crazy. Hovering over links, videos, and images make the page expand and condense consecutively. Is this a network issue or it is really the browsers that fail? Right now, I am using Google Chrome and so far it is the best among the three, but how sure that this will not turn out negatively in the end?


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Search for the Best Internet Browser


Howdy Bessy? We have the same issue regarding internet browser.  I suggest you to stick with Google chrome. It's proven to be the best internet browser. I'm using it for more than a year now and never had a problem with it. Fast, consistent and never fails! However, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer is also good. You just need to be updated into the latest version. But among those three, Google Chrome is the best because it follows the web standards. It is simple, secure, fast and more features. It has auto-updates which automatically update the browser with the latest security updates.


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Search for the Best Internet Browser


I have all these browser installed in my Windows 7 at home. I learned to love all because it has it's own strength and weaknesses.

At first, I also used Internet Explorer until now. It's fast, durable and often freezes. However, as soon as time goes by, I get to experienced all these weird stuff. I use Mozilla Firefox but I experienced compatibility issues with other websites, can't load and play video.

Second, I beginning to like Google Chrome and I don't sees any issues with it. It's fast, it's convenient to use but I don't like the way it looks. It's not user friendly, settings is merely for advanced users. Novice users can't understand it's functions because my old friend of mine doesn't understand this browser.

Lastly, I install Safari browser and it looks pretty and fast. It's easy to navigate and the features are amazing. So with Opera browser, it has it's own tools and functionality that others doesn't have.

At this point, it's really hard to argue which is which, a much better amongst other browser. This depends on how you like it the most, on what makes you comfortable using it.

I must admit, I encounter a lot of issues with Internet Explorer but I can't make myself off to it. I am used to this browser and I love it as much as I love the other browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and not to mention Netscape Navigator. Sometimes, I never thought opening Safari and other browser when I'm browsing the Internet. And this is not because I really like them but because I need to use their own unique functionality that other's doesn't have.

So, to answer your question as to what is the best browsing tools? I would say, Internet Explorer because I am used to it but in reality, I don't even care who's on top and who's under.

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Search for the Best Internet Browser


Hi bessy,

I will say that most of the browsers work really well, for instance Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, and safari although others like internet explorer has never worked well for me even on single occasion. There are some that I have never interacted with like cometbird. But I prefer Firefox over all the others, though it may have some set backs like freezing but it has good security features, well implemented tabbed browsing and its speed when it comes to internet connection is just awesome. These features have been incorporated into Google chrome, which turns out to be my second pick after Firefox.

But you have to know that some problems that occur may not be necessarily due to the browser deficiencies, but they could be as a result of system problems like invasion by viruses and low memory.


Lee Hung.

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