Search algorithm difference between Google and Bing

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Hello guys,

I'm hoping you can help me with my problem – I was wondering why Google search algorithm is so different than Bing algorithm? I am getting a headache because of different search results.

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Search algorithm difference between Google and Bing


Hi Chester22,

Bing versus Google:

Bing’s little tool called Bingle.

Bingle will assist compare the results for a certain search term side by side this help you see the differences in search engine results.

google vrs Bing

For example, on the image above, under a search for the term "techyv", the homepage of the techyv comes up on top for both search engines since it has a high page rank, lots of inbound links and exact match domain then from there on down, the results are different.

Reasons for SEO differences:

Page Rank are less important in Bing:

Page rank for Google’s algorithm that places a number relative to a web page’s search engine results strength, shows that Page Rank 2 or even Page Rank 1 sites often appear in the top ten results on Bing, whereas this less occur on competitive phrases in Google.

But then it makes sense that a Google-patented page-ranking method carries less weight with Microsoft’s Bing.

Fresh Content Matters Less in Bing:

Since Google recently introduced the caffeine update which rewards fresh content having better search engine rankings, it follows that Bing doesn’t quite have the speed of indexing that Google is up to, making fresh content a less relevant factor.

Backlinks Are Less Important in Bing:

Compare between backlinks that is how many links point to a given web page show that, all being equal, the top ten search engine results in Bing have fewer backlinks than in Google.

Bing is More Flash Content Friendly:

It happens that the appearance of web pages created with Flash fares better on Bing on Google they do not.

Anchor Text for Inbound will matter More in Bing:

This is common to both major search engines, anchor text from quality sources seems a major factor with Bing than with Google.

Strange thing here is that Bing emphasizes more on anchor text links that have the linking phrase for the title of the page.

Lets see the following example:


<title> We all can make a difference</title>


The Backlink for this will be

<a href=""> We all can make a difference</a>

Bing is more authoritative for the backlink.

Page Authority Matters More in Bing

Page authority is priority for a top-level domains (TLD) of authoritative organizations example .edu, .gov, .ac, .uk, among others. This authority is also determined by the age of the domain. Domain age seems to be a greater factor on Bing.

Hope it will assist,Let me know if it was helpful.


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