Alertpay vs paypal which is better?

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I just want to know which is better ? alertpay or paypal ? about their withdrawal rules?

thank you.

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Alertpay vs paypal which is better?


Usually, sending payments in PayPal is free for both the sender and the receiver. While when sending payments through AlertPay, the recipients will need to pay dollar per transaction. And talking about receiving credit card payments, PayPal costs is cheaper than AlertPay.

PayPal and AlertPay is accepting several currencies but AlertPay accounts need to uphold an individual currency account for every currency you are dealing. However, PayPal inevitably converts foreign currency payments into the main currency. Say, the default currency is dollar, they will automatically change it to dollar based.

But you must remember that PayPal can switch payments or block PayPal account if there are any illegal activities found, while AlertPay is not into it.

For many users all over the world, PayPal is extensively spread and accepted that the AlertPay. And they have an excellent customer support.


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Alertpay vs paypal which is better?


Hello Jeremy,

Both of these methods of payment are superb, but I must admit that I have a lot more experience in using PayPal as compared to Alertpay and all the time I have been using PayPal I have not had any disappointments with it. I find PayPal to be good for many reasons:

  • First they do not charge high for the transfer of money into their account or out of their account. It is very cheap to transact with them.
  • The security mechanisms they use to protect your account are very good.
  • They allow transfer of money to banks across the world.





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