Problem in posting comments here in this website for the articles.

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I am new here at and I want to make comments after reading the articles. but I am unable to make comments and there comes an error ( invalid argument, 'X-Disqus-Remote-Auth': Requires X-Disqus-Publisher-API-Key header).

I have logged in at Disqus as well but it shows this error whenever I comment. Can you please help me out.

Thanks in advance

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Problem in posting comments here in this website for the articles.


I also sometimes get that error especially when I immediately disconnect my computer from the internet without waiting first for the page to completely load. This problem also happens if you have a very poor connection because sometimes not all links and components of the site completely load.

Sometimes due to poor connection there are parts of the page that encounters a very slow response and consumes unacceptable amount of time waiting for the remote server to respond.

If this problem frequently happens to you, maybe you should browse or access the site during off-peak hours so you are assured to have a very good and stable internet connection. Avoid surfing the web during peak hours especially if you are using a dial-up modem. The web traffic during these times is very high and congestion will surely happen.

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