SDK error after downloading bitstream to FPGA

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Hi guys

I am using the Embedded development kit (EDK) and the software development kit (SDK) version 13.4 for a few months now. Recently when I pressed "download bitstream to FPGA" I didn't  get an error. When I exported the design to SDK and press "program FPGA" no error  returned either. The code didn’t function properly even it was in the template code. When I tried to run the program I was met with the following error on my screen:



Please shed some light on how to resolve the issue. I'll be really thankful if anyone of you can help.

Waiting for your views

Regards and best wishes

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SDK error after downloading bitstream to FPGA



      Here the problem can be caused by the outdated version of one of the two.
Please download and install updates for both the J D K and E D K.
The problem can also be with the code as,

1. It can be that you are trying to access some area of memory that you don't have access right for.
2. You are using breakpoints in debugger as your error has listed 1 breakpoint.

If the problem still persists than it would be much easier to solve using the compiler's debugger option so that you can view where the breakpoint lies.
If the problem still lasts then it would be helpful if you give your whole code.

Hope you got your answer!

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SDK error after downloading bitstream to FPGA


I just reviewed your problem and after spending few hours I concluded a resolution. You have to visit this site and follow the given instructions carefully.

1. Just right click ‘Generate Programming File’ in the Project Navigator

2. You will see the Properties dialog box and you have to select the ‘Configuration Options’ there

3. You will meet the same incorrect value but you should replace this value with ‘None’.

4. You can also select the defaulted option to make the things correct

It will help you more so remember us for further assistance.  


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