Script Error When i Try To View My Presentation

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Hello there!

I am experiencing a script error when I try to view my presentation.

I managed to make and have the web objects embedded; however, every time I try to publish it, it only appears in my notepad.

Below, is a screenshot of the script error:

Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page

Line:   53

Char:   3

Error:   Object required

Code:  0

URL:     file:///C:/User?fschrein/AppData/Local/Temp/articulate/presenter/ap0BC8E/data/weboject_slide1/index.html

Need help 

How do i resolve this issue

Thanks in Advance.

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Script Error When i Try To View My Presentation


I don’t understand it. You said that you are doing your presentation which gave me the idea that you are doing it with Microsoft Office PowerPoint. But how come the error presented in the image you posted is from an html file.

Then I realized that, of course, there is an option in Microsoft PowerPoint to save your work in an html format.

If you will analyze again the error message displayed on your screen, based on the image you posted, it seems that there is something wrong with the object you embedded in your slide.

Maybe when you embedded the object, you only entered or specified its URL but you totally forgot to specify the exact name of the file or object to embed which totally leads the URL to nowhere and hanging.

Go back again to your presentation and then check the objects you hyperlinked. Save the file again after your complete verification and then check if it works this time.

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