“OutOfMemoryException” error while scanning private application

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When I tried to scan a private application, unexpectedly it showed the following error:

ERROR [Crawler:RequestManagerThread.ThreadProc[62]] SPI.Scanners.Web.Audit.Auditor in startSessionDrivenAuditThread, exception thrown:

System.Threading.ThreadStartException: Thread failed to start. —> System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

— End of inner exception stack trace —

at System.Threading.Thread.StartInternal(IPrincipal principal, StackCrawlMark& stackMark)

at System.Threading.Thread.Start()

at SPI.Scanners.Web.ThreadUtil.StartThread(ManualResetEvent threadIsRunningEvent, Thread& thread, ThreadStart threadStart, String threadName)

at SPI.Scanners.Web.Audit.Auditor.u()

And the tool got closed. Need your help to solve this.


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“OutOfMemoryException” error while scanning private application


Hi Lancelot,

Check if you have enough memory left, because scanning an application takes a lot of memory. Make sure that you don’t have any other applications running while doing this process.

Here is another way to solve this problem. Follow this instruction carefully.

Step 1.

1. Kindly download this application “DebugDiag” if you have one no need to download it again.

Download it here:

2. Now after downloading it just simply install it. After installing Run the program by Going to start menu and then point to “Programs” choose Debug Diagnostic Tool and then Click Debug Diagnostics.

3. Now click on options and Setting that can be found On tools menu.

4. Look for the Tab named performance log. Then Click enable performance counter data logging then click ok.

Step 2:

Just Defrag your computer.

Another Solution is deleting all the files inside log and Prefetch. Go to your “My Computer” then open local disk C: after doing this open the folder named “Windows” Search for the folder Logs and Prefetch. After locating it delete all the contents.

Good Luck and Thank you.

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“OutOfMemoryException” error while scanning private application


It might seem that nothing can be done to solve this problem apart from periodically stopping and restarting the afflicted program. Memory leaks is an common issue but we have to try several steps to find the specific cause of memory leak or out of memory exception. This is probably the case if there is really no choice other than to deal with very large arrays of objects.

Important things to consider while evaluating memory usage and possible memory related problems. “Out Of Memory Exception”. Experiencing a memory leak when memory usage in Microsoft Windows Task Manager consumes more than 50 percent of the physical RAM.

When memory usage increases until process runs out of system memory or until the process stops functioning may cause “out of memory exception”.

A process to use about half of physical RAM, use memory usage guideline. “Out Of Memory Exception” uses about 500 megabytes of RAM, there may not leak. It uses about 1 GB of RAM, the memory leak situation may be higher, and consumption of memory may cause long –running stored procedure.

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“OutOfMemoryException” error while scanning private application


This problem of yours is closely related to inappropriate use of memory, or to be precise, it's because the usage of your memory increases.

When storing large amount of memory or when storage capacity goes above its limit you'll get the error you mentioned, usually while you are doing some scanning or some other work. In the most drastic situation it may even block, then you'll need to stop everything you're doing and restart the system.

Memory Exception appears when the process gets stopped and the usage of memory drastically increases, so you should properly control memory consumption. It will be much more efficient to use and allocate space to store the memory, because programs usually need to deal with large files.

However, memory exception may not continue often, because memory will be rearranged and packed efficiently. If you follow this hints I'm sure it will lead you a step closer to resolving the issues you have.

Best regards.

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