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Samsung is now the world’s largest handset maker but what is the secret of their success?

Service or marketing policy?

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Dear Jeensen,
Samsung is now the leading in the handset making globally. The secret behind the success is sales and marketing strategy that they are using. The Samsung Company for instance is among the best leading company in china, Spain, Korea, and also France market.
The Samsung Company currently amounts to nearly 70% of the Koreans’ local market for mobile phones. The strategic application of sales and marketing techniques has enabled the company to rise above. The company has further been able to sell billions of its products globally through the invention of smart phones and galaxy tabs. I hope this was of great help to you.
Thank you.

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Hi Mr. Jeensen,

There is no doubt that Samsung is indeed an exceptionally successful company these days.
The reason behind their success is through experience and knowledge. Experience and knowledge is the key to succeed.
It is maybe because they know how to supervise their finances properly, advertise and to attain permanent customer achievement, knows how to raise their money, negotiate with their providers, knows how to purchase their services and their products.
Samsung already earned millions of people’s trust that is definitely an honor beyond measure. One of the main imperative components in the formula of success knows how to get along with the people wants.
As a result, it is surprisingly a successful company.
Stanislava Yap