Samsung Release A New Mini-PC

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Samsung Mini-PC runs through Google’s Chrome operating system. What if, there is no internet connection does it mean that I can’t use my device? Because instead of using Microsoft Word in making documents Samsung Mini-PC provides direct access to the Google Docs online service. Since this device works better with internet connection, does Samsung make the right choice in releasing this product?

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Samsung Release A New Mini-PC


Coco, it's a good question you have asked, the Samsung mini-PC running on Google Chrome operating system cannot function, even on opening the Ms word documents without internet connectivity.

This is because it is designed to be using the web connectivity for most of its processes and tasks, even as the name 'Google Chrome' of a common browser application.

Chrome Operating System

The Operating System supports only limited applications without the internet connectivity. An advantage of it however is that most of the processing work meant to be done on the computer is done on the Google servers hence saving hardware and software expenses and cost.

The computers also running on the OS do not have to store many files and hence only contain space like 16 GB. Therefore introduction of these computers is more of an advantage in convenience.

I hope this solves your error.


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