Error on running DRM in WMP11

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Hi All,

I'm having a lot of trouble getting DRM content to play on WMP11 under Vista
Business SP1.

I have followed the Microsoft KB advice and reset my DRM store and then tried to upgrade the security component while I got an error message:  "Running this process under a debugger while
using DRM content is not allowed".

Here is a picture to better describe my problem.

Can't Play


Running this process under a debugger while using DRM content is not allowed.

Error Code:


web help

Can anyone help me please?

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Error on running DRM in WMP11



There may be the below listed causes for the issue playing DRM in windows media player.


  • The computer processor has been changed.
  • The computer motherboard has been changed.
  • A basic input/output system (BIOS) setting that affects the computer hardware has been changed. For example, hyper threading has been disabled.
  • The hard disk on which the media content was originally downloaded has been moved from one computer to another computer.
  • An application, such as the RegClean utility, changed DRM settings in a way that caused corruption.
  • Microsoft Windows has been reinstalled on the computer.


To fix the issue…


1.        If Windows Media Player 11 is running, exit Windows Media Player 11.

2.        Locate the DRM folder on the hard disk, and then rename the DRM folder to DRMbackup.

1.        Visit the following Microsoft Web site:

2.        Follow the instructions on the Web site to update the security component of Windows Media Player 11. This procedure enables you to obtain new licenses for media content. You can also reset licenses for purchased content so that you can play that content on a computer.




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Error on running DRM in WMP11


It is possible that the DRM that you installed is not in good condition, it may be corrupt and therefore it did not install properly. The components of the application may be corrupt, and therefore you will need to try the following to resolve the problem that you are getting:

  • First, you will need to check the system specifications on your computer.
  • And then go to the internet and search for the DRM application that meets those system specifications.
  • From whichever site you download, make sure that it is a trusted site, and also check other users comments about it to find out if the application is worth downloading or not.
  • Download it and install it.
  • Try using it to play the on WMP again.

-Clair Charles


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Error on running DRM in WMP11




Click: BOOT tab then


Uncheck: DEBUG under DETECT HAL

Click OK: to Remove ADVANCED OPTIONS dialog


Click: APPLY

Click: YES for warning dialog

Click ok: to remove MSCONFIG dialogue

RESTART your computer


The reason for the problems is that you interfered with boot settings. but will work once the process is completed as stated above restart and enjoy URL is :‚Äč WMP 11 Debugger error in Vista

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