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I have completed a setup of windows 7 in my computer. In my start menu bar the "Run" does not appear. Sometimes I need to remove unnecessary files via run. How can I find "run" in windows 7?

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Right click on start, click on properties,on start menu click customize, scroll down you will see "Run Command", tick the box, and click ok, proceeding that you then go back to start and you will see the command in your start menu.

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Run is very important option. I feel your urgency. I faced same problem when I installed my windows 7 for the first time. Find out run is very easy, infect find out any program or any option is very easy in windows 7. You have to know it. If you don’t know then it will be a problem. Follow the following steps so that you will find “run” option easily:

1. Click at start menu. Bottom left side of screen at every window. At windows 7 it shows sign of windows.

2. After click on start button you will see a white little box where “ search program and file” this sentence is whiten. Just type run and you will get your run option above the search box. 

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It's important to have a run shortcut in your Start Menu. There are 2 solutions that you can try,

1. Right Click on Start menu button or Taskbar, Go to Start Menu bar, click customize, scroll down to find "Run Command". Tick the box and you are done.

2. Press windows button + R, run box will appear. It's a shortcut.

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In order to set up the run command in Windows 7, follow below mentioned steps:
To show the run command permanently under the Stat Menu:
1. Right click on the task bar. 
2. From the popup menu, select “Properties”
3. A new window will open. Under the “Start Menu” tab you will find a button named “Customize”. Click on it.
4. Click on the checkbox next to Run command.
5. Click on “Apply” button, then on “Run” Button.
6. Run command is now available permanently under Help and Support option in the Start Menu.

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I've been trying hard to find the run command to configure the startup programs on our pc. I know how to do it on XP but cannot find the run command in windows 7. Luckily I found this amazing site.

Thank you so much for your help.