Roland Sc-545ex Motor Error 0080 0080

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Roland SC-545EX Motor Error 0080 0080

While printing a 2 feet by 3 feet tarpaulin, in the middle of the printing at about 1.5 feet are finished, the printer head of my printer goes back at the home position and never start printing again. The printer displayed an error code on the panel and says Motor Error 0080 00800. What does it mean and how do I fix the error.

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Roland Sc-545ex Motor Error 0080 0080


Hi Rhina,

The error code mentioned above indicates scan motor error. There are various issues which could result in this error. However the most common issues are three. They are 1. slack carriage belt  2. bad motor 3. bad servo board.

Few of the basic troubleshooting steps for this issue are

> you can check if the belt is stuck on the motor or is loose.

> check if the belt is dirty

> you may run the service mode and scan for the motor aging, if the error message returns this could be motor issue. If else the issue could be probably with the board.

Also, if you have the user manual you can refer for the other related troubleshooting steps, you will need to open the machine for trying any steps provided in the manual. If these steps are not able to fix the issue, then I would tell its time to call the service help desk to ask for a technician.


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Roland Sc-545ex Motor Error 0080 0080



That error means that the motor of your printer is gone. This happens after a while. If your machine is not very old, and not out of it`s warranty, you should get a new one. Also, you can just change the motor of the printer in order to fix the one you already have. For more information talk with somebody at the store you bought the printer from.

Good luck!

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