Password box for printing is popping up

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Hi Readers,

I just have a question regarding our Cannon printer at home. It was setup to be on a network and with a password, as it was used for business before. But now, my father already setup a new office away from home and I am really bothered by the pop up box for password every time I print.

How do I remove it?

Help needed.

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Password box for printing is popping up


Hello Tanya!

The problem occurs because the admin restricted the use of the printer that's why it has password box.

It can be remove by uninstalling the software and reinstalling it. Or restore the factory setting of the printer.

Here is the solution,

Restore factory defaults:

Open the printer then hold the resume button for 10 flashes then let go,

This will reset the printer to factory defaults and remove any Password etc.


For The Admin part:

Ask your father for admin password then go to control panel.

Go to user accounts and choose the admin account.

Change my user account type and unclick limited or just click computer amdin.


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Password box for printing is popping up


Hi Tanya,

For easy solution just remove the program of your printer.

How to remove?

Go to the MY COMPUTER at the left side of the window choose Add or Remove Programs Find the Program of your CANNON printer click the REMOVE.

After go to the GOOGLE search the printer brand , printer model you have then type free download.
after click download then SAVE FILE then Click OPEN then RUN.

After there will going to pop up successfully downloaded.

I hope it  helps you.

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Password box for printing is popping up


Since the printer was originally configured with a password for printing over the network, the password will remain active until it is disabled. The password is actually not set on the actual printer but on the computer connected to the network where the printer is shared.

To disable the password, on your computer, click “Start”, “Control Panel” then set view to “Small icons” on the upper right corner of the screen to display all contents. Next, click “Network and Sharing Center”. On the left pane, click “Change advanced sharing settings”. After this, select the profile where you want to disable the password.

Turn off password protected sharing
Turn off password protected sharing

Selecting “Public” will apply to all users on the computer regardless of the account type. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for “Password protected sharing”. Under “Password protected sharing”, select “Turn off password protected sharing” then click “Save changes”. And that’s it. If the network has multiple computers sharing one printer, you need to do this on every computer on the network.

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