Restoration sound for Mac Computer

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Hello Techyv Experts,

My Mac OS X is having issues with playing sound from the built in speakers, except for the startup chime, but its working through external speakers. It seems like some setup has gone wrong, Please guide me on restoration sound for Mac computer.

Thanks in Advance,

Christine Conklin

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Restoration sound for Mac Computer


Hi Christine,

Your in built speakers may not faulty. If they were, you would not hear the startup chime any time you switch on your computer system. This is one of the problems associated with the installation of a wrong version of a Mac OS X. To correct this, ensure that the correct version of Mac OS X is installed on your computer.

However, if you have the correct version of Mac OS X, then you should check your sound system preference pane.

Also, your in built speakers might be muted, not selected or on a low volume.  By following the steps below, you would be able to solve this problem.

  • Detach all external audio cables and speakers that connects to the audio ports.
  • Open the System Preferences from the main menu.
  • Select internal speakers after opening the sound panes and output tabs. You can also increase the speaker volume.
  • If you cannot the locate internal speakers tab in the output tab, then select the digital out if your computer is not a Mac Pro.

I do hope this helps.

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Restoration sound for Mac Computer


Hi Christine,

I think you can fix this problem by resetting Audio on MAC OS X.Please follow the instructions carefully

1)  Open up activity monitor

2)  Search for coreaudio

3)  Kill

Rather than the above steps ,you can also use the following terminal command to restart CoreAudio

Applications >Utilities >Terminal> sudo killall coreaudiod

Still you issue is not solved try the following 

1) Reset SMC (System Management Controller)

2) Reset PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory)



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