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Author: Gabe Norwood
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My spare computer which I rarely use i.e. Windows 7 net book and Vista laptop they run better after they are used a bit and shut down a couple of times and used again. This seems to me they respond to exercise. Does Windows need regular exercise to work well as I guess Windows may be the key here?

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Restarting the computer frequently is not often necessary. Restarting computers often result to a much higher electric consumption as restarting itself requires another notch of electric consumption. 

It is advise that instead of restarting, if you need to be away for quite sometimes, you may put your computer into "sleep mode." In this way, once you go back, you do not need to restart your computer but rather "have it awaken." 

Sleeping your computer also means putting your computer in a power-saving state that once you need it again it can be quickly resume in full power operation. A more quick and efficient way of managing your computer rather than restarting it frequently. 

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Hi Gabe,

There is no such need for any operating system to need regular warm-up exercises. If you are not using your Windows 7 notebook and Vista Laptop keep them in sleep mode. In this way your system will be in power saving mode and will consume a whole less energy, and you can always resume your work, whener you desire without waiting the PC to boot.