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I need help to link a meeting (document) with a rescheduled notice sent after changing dates in meeting. I have to do this in C API and C# API Lotus. I need to check if something had changed after meeting was set.

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Here is a procedure to help you in rescheduling meetings and changing dates:

  1. Go to the lotus notes calendar, and from there open the meeting or event announcement entry.
  2. You will then click on Owner Actions, and since you want to reschedule the meeting, click on Reschedule. From there you will have to specify the new start and end dates, times, and time zones as you wish them to be. And then you will need to click 'Check Schedules' so that you can check the free time schedules of meeting participants and see if they will be available at the new time.
  3. Once you have finished that, click OK to save the changes.

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