Reformatting a Notebook not using a CD

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Hi there guys!

I  just received a hand me down notebook from my friend and I wanted to reformat it, but the problem is the notebook doesn't has a CD drive to insert the OS CD on it.

Does anyone know how to reformat notebooks without using an OS CD for installation.?


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Reformatting a Notebook not using a CD


Formatting a laptop or notebook without CD drive:

  1. Check if you have a USB Port
  2. Get a flash drive with the right free space and make it a bootable device
  3. Configure your laptop or notebook boot settings from HDD to USB through the BIOS
  4. Format your system
  5. Turn it off
  6. Insert your bootable USB Flash Drive to the USB Port
  7. Turn your system back on

You may also try the websites below for further assistance in formatting your notebook or your laptop even though it does not have a CD drive by using a USB Flash Drive:

Bart's Preinstalled Environment

PeToUSB is a Win32 GUI


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Reformatting a Notebook not using a CD


Follow the steps on how to reformat laptop without using CD:

1. First things first, make sure that your flash drive is bootable and you know how to install windows 7 using USB stick. here is the link regarding it

Restart your computer

2. Restart your laptop.

3. Wait for it to turn back on and if the laptop starts to boot, hit ‘F1’ or ‘F10' button to open the BIOS screen.

4. At this moment you should now on the BOOT menu.

5. USB/ drive should be the first boot device instead of HARDDRIVE.

6. After that make sure that you save the changes and then exit.

7. The installation will start from your FLASH DRIVE if you did everything right.


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