Reducing boot time on PCs considerably

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The central component of my PC system is a Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6-Mainboard. The booting process lasts for eternity. It takes 20 whole seconds for windows to start much longer than on comparable PCs.


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Reducing boot time on PCs considerably


Try these steps for faster booting time: WinXP
1. Go to “My Computer”
2. Right Click and System Properties
3. Then select the “Advance” tab
4. On Startup and Recovery, Click “Settings
5. And then Uncheck “Time to display list of operating systems”
Ok and then apply.

1. Click "Start" button and then choose "Run".
2. Type "msconfig" in the text box.
3. And then click on the “startup” tab.
4. Uncheck all except for your anti-virus and other important application you want to start during boot up.
5. Save your changes and restart the computer.

1. Start click “run” and type regedit
2. Registry editor will pop-up
3. And then follow these steps. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlContentIndex
4. Click on “ContentIndex” and on the right hand  side browse for StartupDelay
5. Double click and change follow the image below.  an asda

6. Save and Restart system.

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Reducing boot time on PCs considerably



Look at these kind of ways pertaining to faster booting occasion: WinXP

1. Visit “My Computer”

2. Appropriate Click on and Program Properties

3. And then find the “Advance” tab

5. Upon Medical and Recovery, Click on “Settings

5. After which it Uncheck “Time to come up with report on running systems”

Alright and utilize Msconfig.

1. Click on "Start" switch and select "Run".

2. Form "msconfig" within the word box.

3. After which it click the “startup” tab.

5. Uncheck many with the exception of your anti-virus along with other critical application you would like to begin through start in place.

5. Save your valuable adjustments and reboot the computer.


1. Start just click “run” and sort regedit.

2. Registry manager may pop-up

3. After which it complies with these kind of ways. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlContentIndex.

4. Click on “Content Index” and on the appropriate palm part view pertaining to Startup Delay

5. Just double click. 

Save and start.

Hope it helps.

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